Youth From Ozone House Visit Domino’s World Resource Center

Published: July 9, 2024
The Ozone House

Domino's is committed to doing the right thing and delivering a difference – values that run deep in the culture of our business resource groups (BRGs). On June 20, 2024, two of Domino’s BRGs – BLISS (Black Leaders Innovating, Strategizing and Succeeding) and WiSDOM (for women), as well as our operations innovations and support team – joined forces to provide a fun and enriching experience for youth from Ozone House, a local nonprofit and longtime community partner based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ozone House offers programs ranging from housing, counseling, job training, tutoring, a crisis line, and much more to help youth find safety and support. Earlier this year, BLISS and WiSDOM members visited Ozone House and spoke about careers at Domino's to high school students. The BRGs were eager to continue their relationship with the nonprofit, and this time, they invited youth and staff to visit Domino's World Resource Center, which is also located in Ann Arbor.

"The BRGs at Domino's strive to not only improve our work environment for our team members but to positively impact our community as a whole," said Patrick Ray, Domino’s information security manager and WiSDOM community chair. "Each BRG works with local organizations in their own, unique way, and I'm proud that we came together to put on another exciting event for Ozone House."

The day started with a tour of Domino's Innovation Garage, where the group learned about the various ways Domino's team members collaborate to develop new technologies and innovations used in stores. The highlight of the day came as the guests learned how to make their own Domino's pizza – stretching dough, spreading sauce, sprinkling on the perfect amount of cheese and making each pizza their own with creative topping choices. Domino's team members enjoyed the lunch with Ozone House staff and youth as they discussed part-time jobs available at local stores in their area.

The experience concluded with a tour of Domino’s headquarters, where the group marveled at Domino' themed artwork, a DXP® delivery vehicle and memorabilia from the company's origins in the 1960s.

"I'm so glad my team and I got to help create an exciting new experience for the kids at Ozone House," said Brenda Pinto, Domino’s operations and training manager. "I truly admire their mission, and it meant a lot to share this experience with my team, to further showcase the good that Ozone House does for our community."

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