Domino’s Warns Customers: Do Not Buy NFTs From the Noid

Don’t be fooled, it’s just another scheme to foil pizza deliveries!

Published: June 8, 2021
Domino’s archnemesis is at it again! This time, he’s trying to sell NFTs of the tools he uses to try and ruin Domino’s self-driving deliveries. Domino’s is urging customers: don’t buy them!

Spotted: the Noid on Twitter trying to sell nonfungible tokens (NFTs)! The Noid is attempting to ruin Domino’s tech-savvy pizza deliveries with the Pizza Crusher, Pizza Slayzer and giant Noid Balloon Blockade tools, as seen in the latest Domino's TV commercial. Now, the mischievous archnemesis is selling one-of-a-kind NFTs linked to these tools to fund future schemes. Domino’s was alerted to this nefarious plan and felt a strong statement was necessary: please don’t buy them!

Just days ago, the Noid created one-of-a-kind NFTs associated with its arsenal of anti-pizza gadgets and placed them on Rarible for anyone to purchase. This NFT collection – more aptly called Noid’s Failed Tools – may look cleverly-designed, even down to the Noid’s unique signature emblazoned on each tool, but don’t be fooled by the devious creature’s ulterior motives.

“We saw all the Noid fans on Twitter asking how they could get a Pizza Crusher. We get it, it looks pretty fun,” said Kate Trumbull, Domino’s vice president of advertising. “But who knows what pesky ideas the Noid will be able to fund with the proceeds from the NFT sale? It’s just best that everyone steers clear.”

While the Noid hasn’t revealed exactly what the proceeds will go towards, rumor has it that the anti-mascot is considering things like new and improved gadgets, ingenious disguises, or maybe an autobiography. There’s even been speculation that the Noid is plotting to hop on TikTok later this week to continue its foolish antics. The Noid is not lacking in ideas, just funds. Stop Domino’s archrival and Avoid the Noid™!

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