Celebrating Team Members with Disabilities at Domino’s

Published: Oct. 27, 2023

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), Domino’s employee resource group, SOAR, asked team members to share what NDEAM means to them, what they wish other people knew about disabilities and what skills they have learned from having a disability.

“NDEAM is recognition of the struggles, the pursuit for greater inclusivity, and the value that people with disabilities bring to the workforce.”

“There are so many people around us living with a form of disability and I don't think we as a society fully understand or support folks who are neurodivergent or differently abled. Being protected by law is the first step, but we need to fully open our hearts and mind to learn and understand what it means to experience life differently. Diversity is beautiful, let's embrace it.”

“People with disabilities are often problem-solvers. They live in a world that truly isn't designed with them in mind, and as a result, they often have unique skillsets that can easily be translated into the work environment.”

“Not every disability is visible. Many people struggle with internal battles some might never comprehend. It's important to always be compassionate and understanding to all. Kindness is a choice.”

“I learned that I could do anything I want, the same way or better than others. I just need to accept that my way of doings things might not fit in every box.”

“I've learned how to navigate different communication preferences of my doctors, how to advocate for myself and others in stressful situations while remaining composed, how to be direct while also being kind, how to understand complex information quickly, and how to summarize my disability and needs to others in a clear, concise fashion.”

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