National FFA Officers Visit Domino’s World Resource Center

Published: May 13, 2024
National FFA Officers at WRC
Domino’s operations training team taught two FFA officers how to make their own pizzas during a visit to Domino’s World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on April 4, 2024.

As a brand that relies on farmers to grow the ingredients necessary for our delicious pizza, we’re always looking for ways to give back to the agriculture industry. That’s why on April 4, 2024, Domino’s invited this year’s National Future Farmers of America officers to its World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to discuss the future of the organizations’ partnership and how Domino’s can continue to make a positive difference for farmers across the nation.

Emily Gossett, FFA western region vice president, and Kanyon Huntington, FFA central region vice president, visited Domino’s headquarters to meet with supply chain leadership, including Cindy Headen, executive vice president – chief supply chain officer; Carrie Ballew, vice president – chief procurement officer; and Kirk Armstrong, senior vice president – supply chain marketplace operations. Domino’s supply chain leadership often works with food producers to source pizza ingredients and is passionate about collaborating with those in the agriculture industry.

During the visit, the FFA officers discussed the major demands farmers and those who work in agriculture face, and identified opportunities for students who are interested in agriculture, including a need for more agriculture teachers and more exposure to careers in food production. This conversation helped inform Domino’s leadership on what future steps are needed in the partnership in order to help FFA meet their students’ needs.

The FFA officers were devoted, knowledgeable advocates for the agriculture industry, and left Domino’s leaders even more excited about the partnership. Domino’s strives to make a positive impact on FFA students, just as they make on us. Through the new steps Domino’s is taking, we aim to become a more meaningful partner for FFA students.

“I truly admire and am inspired by the action FFA students take in not only in the classroom, but in their real-world work that makes a difference in agriculture industry,” said Carrie. “Working with FFA has allowed us to become better partners to the farmers and suppliers we interact with daily.”

In addition to the incredible conversations Emily and Kanyon led regarding Domino’s support of FFA, the two learned how to make their own pizzas with the help of Domino’s operations training team. After a lunch featuring a variety of Domino’s menu items, the officers toured Domino’s Innovation Garage, where they learned about how the brand innovates different technology initiatives.

Domino’s is proud to support FFA students like Emily and Kanyon, who in turn help us become a stronger partner to those working in the agriculture industry. Farmers are not only important to our business, but society as a whole, and Domino’s is looking forward to the exciting updates in the future of our continued relationship with FFA.

For more information on Domino’s partnership with FFA, click here.