Domino’s Supports Farmers Across the U.S. Through FFA Partnership

Published: Oct. 10, 2022
Summer of Giving
Domino’s is a proud supporter of the National Future Farmers of America Organization, which provides middle and high school students with opportunities, experiences, and education to have successful agriculture careers.

National Farmer’s Day is Oct. 12, and Domino’s is eager to express its appreciation of farmers across the U.S. by supporting the National Future Farmers of America Organization – an establishment that strengthens the future of the agriculture industry every day. There would be no Domino’s without the farmers who grow delicious pizza ingredients, and we are proud to support the agriculture industry in any way we can.

FFA provides middle and high school students with opportunities, experiences, and education to have successful agriculture careers, and to leave a positive impact on the farming industry. These future farmers display their innovative ideas and skills through competitions, creating their own entrepreneurship projects, earning leadership roles, and more.

Domino’s partnership with FFA began in 2017. Since then, Domino’s has funded 90 collegiate scholarships, provided 100 grants for supervised agricultural experiences (SAE) and contributed to Living to Serve – projects that focus on supporting community needs. But there’s more work to be done. In 2022, Domino’s pledged to donate $1.5 million towards funds for scholarships and SAE grants, as well as an investment in the future of sustainable agricultural education.

Domino’s renewed commitment to FFA focuses largely on sustainable agriculture through funding the development of educational resources. These resources will support teacher-led instruction and independent e-learning for students, and will cover topics like soil health, water conservation, climate change, and waste management. Domino’s and other FFA partners will support lesson plans and online learning modules through case studies, career profiles, and more.

“With Domino’s support, we are developing and improving on our sustainability educational resources, which ensures students grow their sustainable ideology,” said Molly Ball, president and chief marketing officer of the National FFA Foundation.

Domino’s recognizes it has a responsibility to the environment and the farmers who work hard to produce the food on our tables and in our stores by supporting the future of agriculture and promoting sustainability across the industry. Domino’s partnership with FFA expresses this acknowledgement and we look forward to seeing what the incredible students of FFA accomplish next!

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