Producing Great Pizza and Better Leaders: Domino’s Unveils Leadership Essentials Program

Published: April 10, 2024
Leadership Essentials Logo

Domino’s team members want leaders who can help them learn, grow and develop, that’s why the Leadership Essentials Program is one of the company’s newest opportunities for its people leaders.

The program is aligned with Domino’s purpose and values, and it teaches leaders how to build a strong foundation in the brand’s leadership competencies, frameworks, and a common language. It also connects leaders from across the company.

“In order to achieve our 2023 ambitions, we must continue to evolve our talent, culture and leadership abilities,” said Dana Yowchuang, Domino’s senior leadership development specialist. “Building this holistic and interrelated program is imperative to improve employee engagement, employee retention and leader effectiveness.”

After a full year of evaluation, building and piloting content, the program was unveiled in 2023. The curriculum focuses on emphasizing culture, engagement, and inclusive leadership behaviors and creates a unique experience that allows leaders to not only foster relationships but learn from diverse perspectives.

“When I think about Leadership Essentials, I think about setting up people for success,” said Justin Latham, Domino’s technical delivery manager III. “Sometimes we’re putting people in roles, without giving them the tools they need to succeed at that job and that’s what Leadership Essentials is all about – trying to make sure everyone has the tools they need to be successful. It gave us a concept of how Domino’s views leadership.”

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