Passion for Pizza Runs in the Family: Three Families, One Domino’s Store

Published: Oct. 24, 2023
Douglas Families
From left to right: Domino’s franchisee Anna Hahn is pictured with team members Donna Sole, Rena Sanders and Connor Sanders at the store in Douglas, Wyoming.

Domino's in Douglas, Wyoming, recognizes the importance of committing to work and family life – so much that three families can bring both areas together at the store each day! Thanks to franchisee Anna Hahn and her everlasting commitment to the store in the face of hardship, several employees have the opportunity to grow and win alongside their family members at work.

To provide a backstory, Anna started her journey with Domino's after meeting her husband, Carl. They met in Wyoming while working as ski instructors and soon realized they couldn't be kept apart. When Carl transferred from a Laramie, Wyoming, Domino's location to Winter Park, Colorado, Anna followed and began working on and off at the store over the years while teaching at a local elementary school.

Fast forward, and Anna began her second career with Domino's after retiring from 27 years of teaching. She helped her husband, Carl, as they supported the Douglas store opening in 2020. Their child, Jenny, joined the family's endeavors as a customer service representative in 2017, working up to an assistant manager position.

After a few years as a franchisee, Carl sadly passed away in May of 2022 after being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The loss of Carl took a heavy toll on Anna and Jenny, but they both knew they had to come together and carry on Carl's legacy.

"I decided to continue with Domino's," said Anna. "With the tremendous support and mentoring from our partner Jay Feavel, I became a franchisee this summer. It's not how I wanted this to happen, but I'm doing what I was meant to, and I love being a Domino's franchisee."

If it weren't for Anna and Jenny's perseverance, two other families would not have the opportunity to grow closer together as they have today at the Douglas store.

The C'Hair Family

Brother and sister Isaiah and Emilyn C'Hair work alongside their mother, Murial, at the Douglas store. Murial works as a delivery driver, while Emilyn is a customer service representative and Isaiah is a manager.

"Working as a driver was one of my dream jobs growing up," said Murial. "I like the work environment."

Isaiah, who started as a customer service representative, worked his way up to a management position.

"Working at the store has definitely strengthened my bond with my family," said Isaiah. "Although we are related, we keep work professional."

Donna, Rena and Connor

Nearly two years ago, Donna Sole came to Domino's in Douglas, asking about available delivery driver positions. As a retiree with a commercial driver's license, she was excited about an opportunity to deliver pizza around her community.

A few years later, the 76-year-old is still energizing the Douglas store with her enthusiasm.

"I love the interaction with people," said Donna. "There is so much I love about the job."

Not only has Donna brought her positive attitude and energy, but she also brought her three-generation family to the Douglas team! Just a few weeks after Donna began making deliveries, her daughter, Rena Sanders, followed in her footsteps. In addition, when an assistant manager position opened at the store, Donna knew that her grandson, Connor Sanders, would be an excellent fit for the job.

"I love seeing my family more often at work," said Connor. "It's great to be able to spend more time together."

Along the way, Rena recruited her daughter-in-law, Mikayla, to work as a delivery driver, and Connor’s wife, Seani, will soon be joining the team!

When asked what Anna appreciates about the families at her store, she responded fondly:

"All are wonderful, hardworking people," she said. "I don't see them as employees, but an extension to my own family."

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