Domino's Welcomes The Band of Sisters in Honor of International Women's Day

Published: March 28, 2024
Band of Sisters
Domino’s CEO Russell Weiner (far right) introduces The Band of Sisters, who spoke about leadership, work culture and unconscious bias at Domino’s corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on March 7, 2024.

In recognition of International Women’s Day, Domino’s team members were given the unique opportunity to experience a thought-provoking panel discussion like no other. The Band of Sisters – six change makers who have seen it all, from the bottom rung to the boardroom – brought an energetic and insightful conversation on inclusive leadership, work culture, and fighting unconscious bias to team members at Domino’s corporate headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The event, hosted by Domino’s employee resource group, WiSDOM, brought team members together to ignite forward-thinking conversations that foster a climate of inclusion and connection.

The Band of Sisters – Dawn Hudson, Cie Nicholson, Mitzi Short, Katie Lacey, Lori Tauber Marcus and Angelique Bellmer Krembs – met while working at PepsiCo Inc. Together, they have experience across more than 29 industries – all rising to the C-suite at companies including NFL, Keurig, Equinox, ESPN and BlackRock, to name a few. They are now board directors, industry advisors and executive coaches. During their overlap in careers and beyond, these women have found community in each other and unity in a push for real change.

Through humor and storytelling, The Band of Sisters dove into their experiences and the little moments that previously hindered them from bringing their full selves to work – from small indignities to unconscious slights. The book the six co-wrote, titled “You Should Smile More - How to Dismantle Gender Bias in the Workplace,” was written to show witnesses, allies, supervisors and women at every level in their careers how to dismantle the small, everyday unconscious gender bias in situations shared by so many women in the workplace.

“The small things take a toll, they add up and end up building a wall,” said Katie. “That was the realization as we looked back and started talking to people.”

Their recently released book was the framework for discussion throughout the event. The Band of Sisters shared “micro-moments” or day-to-day instances of gender bias that make a longtime impact on women in the workplace. Their approach is inclusive to all genders: they take care not to call men out; they aim to call men IN to the conversation. They offered practical tools and guidance for women, leaders, and allies to utilize now and in the future – micro-moments can be solved by micro-actions!

“The Band of Sisters gave a very engaging, impactful and motivating keynote,” said Asmita Dharap, events chair of WiSDOM. “The women shared their breadth of wisdom around navigating and shaping careers, importance of advisors, mentors, and sponsors, how to identify micro-moments of gender bias and action with conscious inclusion in the workplace. With the outstanding response to the event, we called ALL into the conversation in making a positive change for Domino’s team members. It was a day of fostering inclusion, networking and empowering the women at Domino’s; truly embodying the commitments and mission of WiSDOM.”

WiSDOM’s mission is to champion, inspire, and connect women and their allies by leveraging a global network, empowering members to maximize their power of possible.

In support of WiSDOM’s mission, team members were encouraged ahead of the event to take the time to celebrate women across the organization who have positively impacted their career. Team members recognized the qualities that make the women of Domino’s so remarkable.

“When Domino's celebrates women's accomplishments, we acknowledge the unique challenges women face and reinforce the important role we play in the Domino’s community,” said Sarah Pflug, WiSDOM co-chair. “This creates a sense of belonging and energizes our team members as we recognize the success women bring to the brand. It’s truly a moment where our value of growing and winning together is recognized.”

By tackling unconscious bias and taking time to celebrate women and their allies year-round, Domino’s team members will continue to feed the power of possible, one micro-action at a time!

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